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Who We Are

The Spruce Pets offers practical, real-life tips and training advice to help you care for your pet. We help over 10 million users each month find the information they need to provide the best possible life for their pets. Our 20-year-strong library of over 4,000 in-depth articles covers a variety of topics and pet animals, from cats and dogs, to betta fish and pot bellied pigs. Our team of writers, including trainers, Registered Vet Technicians (RVTs) and Doctors of Veterinary Medicine (DVMs), produce and update informative articles full of valuable insights honed from years of hands-on experience. We are also wholly committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Veterinary Review Board

We know that finding trustworthy veterinary advice online can be difficult—the internet is full of misinformation or personal opinion masquerading as fact. To make caring for your pet easier, we launched The Spruce Pets Veterinary Review Board, comprised of top board-certified vet professionals. Our goal is to provide you with well-researched, fact-checked information so you can keep your pet happy and healthy.

The Veterinary Review Process

You may notice a badge appearing in some of our content. The badge signifies that a board member has reviewed and edited the article, taking special care to confirm that the information presented is both accurate and up-to-date. Click the link below to learn more about our process.

Our Veterinary Review Board

Meet some of our Veterinary Review Board members below.

Nick Saint-Erne
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Nick Saint-Erne, DVM

Nick Saint-Erne is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) with 35 years of experience treating dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, rodents, reptiles, fish, exotic pets, and zoo animals. Nick currently practices at the Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital and is a consulting veterinarian for several zoos and aquariums in Arizona.

In addition to his veterinary work, Nick has owned pet stores and has been involved in the pet industry as a technical writer for the training materials and customer pet care handouts for a major pet store chain. He has worked with the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in drafting programs to improve the care of pets in pet stores and to reduce the risk of spreading zoonotic diseases.

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Anna O'Brien
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Anna O'Brien, DVM

Anna O’Brien is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) with over 10 years of professional veterinary experience treating horses, dogs, cats, cows, camels, monkeys, honeybees, and more. Prior to joining The Spruce Pets Veterinary Review Board, Anna was an associate vet at Link Veterinary Associates, volunteer vet for Adams County Humane Society, and contributing editor for Horse Illustrated.

Anna has worked at various small animal clinics and spent a considerable amount of time as a large animal ambulatory veterinarian in central Maryland and southern Pennsylvania, performing on-farm surgeries such as horn removal, abdominal surgeries, and C-sections, and working with farmers to ensure their herds are following appropriate preventative health programs.

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Nelva J. Bryant
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Nelva J. Bryant, DVM, MPH

Dr. Nelva Bryant is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and a retired LCDR in the U.S. Public Health service with 27+ years professional experience. Currently working in the airline industry, her mission is to improve pet travel via promoting animal welfare, education, and veterinary oversight.

Her knowledge of veterinary pathology, infectious and zoonotic diseases, veterinary public health, the CDC’s dog importation regulations, international and national animal transportation regulations, and airline live animal transportation policies has made her an expert in the field of animal transportation.

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Jennifer Coates
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Journalist
Jennifer Coates, DVM

Jennifer Coates is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) with over 25 years of experience in veterinary care and animal welfare. Before joining The Spruce Pets, she was an associate veterinarian at Home to Heaven In-Home Pet Hospice and Euthanasia (CO), Spring Creek Animal Hospital (WY), and Petersburg Animal Hospital (VA), as well as former chief of staff at Healthy Pet Animal Hospital (VA).

Jennifer has published several books, short stories, and thousands of web articles that all relate to veterinary medicine, pet care, and the human-animal bond. She has also appeared on radio and television in her role as a veterinary consultant.

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Lauren Smith
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Relief Veterinarian
Lauren Smith, DVM

Lauren Smith is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) with over 10 years of experience, and five years of experience writing veterinary content. Lauren was previously a veterinarian at Bay Shore Animal Hospital and at VCA Commack Animal Hospital.

After receiving her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, she worked for two animal hospitals as a full-time general practitioner before starting her own business as a relief veterinarian, where she travels from hospital to hospital providing basic veterinary care to patients when their regular veterinarian cannot be there. She also has experience working in emergency hospitals providing urgent care to animal patients on nights and weekends.

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Joanne Intile
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary oncologist, journalist
Joanne Intile, DVM, MS, DACVIM

Joanne Intile is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) with 14 years of experience as a veterinary oncologist. She currently practices as Assistant Clinical Professor of Medical Oncology at North Carolina State University. Before joining The Spruce Pets, Joanne was a private practice oncologist.

While working full time at her last clinic, Dr. Intile also worked as an adjunct instructor in the veterinary science technology program at Suffolk County Community College teaching veterinary practice management, clinical laboratory procedures, and pharmacology. At North Carolina State University, she trains veterinary students, interns, and residents primarily in the discipline of medical oncology, but also plays a significant role in teaching medical communication skills.

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Monica Tarantino
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Monica Tarantino, DVM

Monica Tarantino is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) with five years of experience as a general practitioner of small animal medicine. She currently works full time as a Level-2 Fear Free certified doctor at an AAHA accredited small animal hospital. Before The Spruce, Monica was a mentor for first-year Animal Medical Hospital veterinary graduates.

Monica has recently begun contributing veterinary content to a number of digital publications, and is eager to share her knowledge with a broader audience. Her interests include emergency medicine, internal medicine, geriatric pet health, and business leadership. She frequently rescues in-need pets, and owns four rescue dogs and two rescue cats with the occasional foster animal for good measure.

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Natasha Diehl
Small and Exotic Animal Veterinarian
Natasha Diehl

Dr. Natasha Diehl is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) who graduated from Iowa State University in May 2020. She completed an internship in small and exotic animal general practice and emergency medicine in California and is currently in an exotic animal speciality internship in Indianapolis. She continues to work with a team of veterinarians with a wide range of knowledge within the field and exotic and small pet ownership.

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Amy Fox
Veterinarian and Medical Writer
Dr. Amy Fox

Dr. Fox received her veterinary education at Cornell University and has 15-plus years of experience in the field. She has worked in emergency, shelter, medicine, surgery, and general medicine. Dr. Fox is passionate about client education and making sure pet parents have the most up-to-date, accurate, and accessible information to empower them as caregivers and companions.  

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Nancy Turner
Nancy Turner, DVM

Dr. Nancy Turner is a small animal veterinarian with 14-plus years of clinical experience. She received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. She has worked in clinical primary practice, emergency medicine, and mobile practices in the Dallas area and is the author of "German Shorthairs: How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend: From understanding their personalities to health issues and more" (2012).

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Juliane Evans
Dr. Juliane Evans

Dr. Juliane Evans is a general practitioner of veterinary medicine and certified veterinary acupuncturist who treats companion animals in the Triangle region of North Carolina. She earned her degree from Oklahoma State University and certificate from Chi University, and has had nearly a decade of experience in the field of veterinary medicine. Dr. Evans has worked in small animal medicine hospitals in Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

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Marla Fischl
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Marla J. Fischl, DVM

Dr. Fischl received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from The University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine in Gainesville, Florida. She has extensive experience in equine medicine, including horse racing, equine sports and performance medicine, pleasure horse, and equine regulatory medicine. She has also provided small animal veterinary care for the racetrack stable companions, dogs, and cats.

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Fact Checking

The Spruce Pet's team of experienced fact checkers provides a critical layer of review to ensure content integrity. This group of professionals is selected and vetted for journalistic and subject matter expertise. They are tasked with researching all statements of fact to ensure that news and health information is accurate and comprehensive and statistics are properly sourced and up to date. Articles that have been officially fact checked will display a "fact check" badge, as well as the name of the fact checker at the top of the page near the author.

Our Writers

All of our writers were carefully chosen for their extensive experience in their subject areas.

Meet Some of Our Writers

Amy Fox
Veterinarian and Medical Writer
Dr. Amy Fox

Dr. Fox received her veterinary education at Cornell University and has 15-plus years of experience in the field. She has worked in emergency, shelter, medicine, surgery, and general medicine. Dr. Fox is passionate about client education and making sure pet parents have the most up-to-date, accurate, and accessible information to empower them as caregivers and companions.  

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Adrienne Kruzer
Licensed Veterinary Technician
Adrienne Kruzer, RVT, LVT

Adrienne Kruzer is a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT), Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT), and Level 2 Fear Free Certified professional that has been writing for The Spruce since 2017.

Adrienne has worked with a wide range of animals—from cats and dogs to exotics like sugar gliders and degus during her 10+ years as an RVT and LVT. She currently works as the Veterinary Nursing Program Relations Manager for Veterinary Emergency Group.

Adrienne received her Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology ('07) and her Associate of Arts ('06) from Cuyahoga Community College and graduated summa cum laude with her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration ('21) from Baker College.

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Liz Waynick
Registered Veterinary Technician
Liz Waynick, RVT

Liz Waynick is a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) who currently works full time at a practice located just outside of Cleveland, OH. 

Previously, Liz spent the last 10 years working in several multi-doctor veterinary hospitals utilizing her expertise and skills in anesthesia and dentistry as a surgical assistant as well as a dental technician. She passed the Veterinary Technician National Examination in January 2010 and was awarded her license as an RVT. She completes several hours of continuing education each year to stay up-to-date on care for her patients.

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Editorial Guidelines

At The Spruce Pets, we take great pride in the quality of our content. Our writers create original, accurate, engaging content that is free of ethical concerns or conflicts. If you ever come across an article that you think needs to be improved, please reach out by emailing contact@thesprucepets.com.

We aspire to provide the highest quality content produced by humans, for humans. It is against our guidelines to publish automatically generated content using AI (artificial intelligence) writing tools such as ChatGPT.

To learn more, please see our full Editorial Policy and Standards page.

Product Reviews

Our product reviews are independent and based on research and product testing — if you visit links within our content, we may receive commissions from your purchases, but we never receive any compensation or consideration for the content of our recommendations. Learn more about our review process below.

Diversity & Inclusion

At The Spruce Pets, our mission is to help everyone make their best home. We cannot stay silent about the injustices, discrimination, hate, and fear that many in our community are facing. We need to do our part to fight systemic racism and oppression; things need to change.

We can do more. We are responsible for using our platform to spread the message of inclusivity, equality, and human rights. We are listening, and we are learning. We will do better. Black lives matter. Read more about our pledge to make our site more inclusive and promote diversity.

Our Team

Our editorial team has extensive category experience and have worked at leading publications and websites in their field.

Mélanie Berliet
General Manager & Senior Vice President
Mélanie Berliet, General Manager and Senior Vice President of The Spruce Pets

Mélanie is the General Manager and Senior Vice President of The Spruce Pets, The Spruce, The Spruce Crafts, and MyDomaine.

Prior to joining Dotdash in 2018, Mélanie was the Chief Editorial Director of Thought Catalog, where she led all content initiatives and managed strategic partnerships.

Mélanie has 15 years of experience creating, managing, and publishing lifestyle content across platforms. She has worked as a producer and writer for brands including MTV, Vanity Fair, Elle, New York Magazine, The Atlantic, Cosmopolitan, Salon, Esquire, and iHeartRadio.

She earned a B.A. in Political Economy from Georgetown University.

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Melissa Inman
Senior Vice President & General Manager
Melissa Inman, Senior Vice President & General Manager

Melissa Inman is the Senior Vice President & General Manager of Southern Living, Real Simple, The Spruce Pets, and Daily Paws. Previously she was the Senior Vice President of Digital Content Strategy & Operations over a broad portfolio of 15 lifestyle brands—including Real Simple, InStyle, Travel + Leisure, and Allrecipes—overseeing the strategic development of programs and partnerships that expand the brands' engagement and reach across digital platforms.

Melissa has more than 25 years of experience in lifestyle content creation and management across print, digital, social and audio platforms. She joined Meredith Corporation in 2001 as editor of the company's scrapbooking magazines, books and website. She went on to lead content teams on brands such as Parents, Shape, Martha Stewart, and Better Homes & Gardens. In 2019, she was named one of Folio's Top Women in Media.

She earned a B.A in Mass Communications from Westminster College.

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Allie Giordano
General Manager
Allie Giordano, General Manager, The Spruce Pets and Daily Paws

Allie Giordano is the General Manager of Daily Paws and The Spruce Pets at Dotdash Meredith. Previously she was the General Manager for Home Brands at Meredith Corporation, overseeing business operations for Real Simple, Better Homes and Gardens, Martha Stewart, and Southern Living. Allie has spent most of her career in advertising, focusing on managing and training sales support teams and building strategic partnerships with agency and brand clients. 

She earned a BA in Business from Brown University and an MBA from NYU Stern, specializing in Strategy, Leadership and Change Management.

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Abbie Harrison
Associate Editorial Director
Abbie Harrison, Associate Editorial Director, The Spruce Pets and Daily Paws

Abbie Harrison is the Associate Editorial Director for The Spruce Pets and Daily Paws at Dotdash Meredith. She has been with Dotdash Meredith since 2020 and was a member of the team that grew the Daily Paws brand shortly after it launched in August 2020. She is a devoted dog mom to her two rescue pups, Millie and Finn.

Prior to joining Dotdash Meredith, Abbie reported on the latest cancer research advances at the National Cancer Institute. She received a Bachelor of Journalism and M.A. in Journalism from the University of Missouri.

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Austin Cannon
Austin Cannon, Editor, The Spruce Pets and Daily Paws

Austin Cannon is an editor for The Spruce Pets and Daily Paws, leading the pet news coverage. Before joining Daily Paws in June 2020, Austin worked as an award-winning journalist for several newspapers, including the Des Moines RegisterAmes TribuneArkansas Democrat-Gazette, and Hartford Courant. He reported on local governments, presidential candidates, and college basketball before happily moving to the pet beat. He's won two certificates of excellence and one MUSE Medallion award from the Cat Writers' Association. He graduated from Drake University in 2016 with bachelor's degrees in journalism and political science.

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Jenna Stregowski
Pet Health and Behavior Editor
Jenna Stregowski, Pet Health and Behavior Editor, The Spruce Pets and Daily Paws

Jenna Stregowski is a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) with more than 20 years of experience working in veterinary medicine. Prior to becoming editor, she wrote for The Spruce since its launch in 2017. Prior to The Spruce, Jenna wrote about veterinary medicine for About.com for nine years.

Jenna began her veterinary career working in various animal clinics and hospitals around Atlanta, Georgia until she earned her RVT certification in 2007. She continues to regularly attend veterinary conferences, seminars, and continuing education courses in order to keep up to date on the latest in veterinary science.

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Amy Sheehan
Design Director
Amy Sheehan, Design Director for The Spruce Pets

Amy joined the Dotdash team as Design Director for The Spruce Pets, The Spruce, The Spruce Crafts, and MyDomaine in March 2021. She leads the design of both sites and develops brand visuals of digital and physical products. She is an avid DIYer and home decor enthusiast.

Prior to joining Dotdash Amy was the Art Director for Insider Studios, the branded content team for Business Insider and Insider where she designed for numerous legacy brands such as Cartier, Chase, Lincoln, and United.

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