Getting Started with Your Pet Bird

Learn about adoption and breeds, what supplies you will need before you bring your bird home, what living with birds is like and more.

Explore Parrot & Pet Bird Basics

Owl perched on stool
Do Owls Make Good Pets?
Girl with parrot
Parrot and Kids: A Good Mix?
Puppy looking at bird perching on sofa
How to Train Your Dog to Be Around Pet Birds
Budgerigar on the birdcage. Budgie
How to Translate Your Bird's Age Into Human Years
Boy with colorful parrot
Are Vacations Possible When You Own Parrots or Other Birds?
Blue parrot close up cleaning its feathers
Why Do Birds Pluck Their Feathers?
Why Round Cages Don't Work for Birds
Are Round Cages Bad for Birds?
Macaw preening feathers
Do Pet Birds Need to be Misted?
Pet bird in a bird cage
How Long Pet Birds Live
White cockatoo bird sitting on owner's arm
How Much Does It Cost to Buy & Care for a Pet Bird?
Budgerigar and cat face to face through birdcage
Why Birds Make Better Pets than Cats and Dogs
Recreational older men holding a cage in the yard
10 Things to Know Before Adopting a Pet Bird
Pet parrot
How to Choose a Good Bird Breeder
Young woman holding pet bird indoors
Buying Your First Pet Bird Needs Research and Education Ahead of Time
Parrot eating food in hand.
Keeping Wild Birds as Pets
Portrait Of Talking Parrot With Orange Beak Birds In Plastic Box In Background
Shipping a Pet Bird Through the Mail: Pros and Cons
Small bird being fed by human
Choosing a Healthy Baby Bird
Blue Budgerigar
7 Reasons Why Birds Make Great Companions for the Right Home
Things to Consider Before Buying a Bird
African gray parrot (Psitticus sp.)
How Can I Choose a Bird That Will Talk?
Bird bydgie sits on cage and eats from human hand fresh green gr
Should You Buy Your Child a Pet Bird?
Australian Finch (Taeniopygia guttata)
5 Ways to Find Your Bird a New Home
Feeding green parrots in a park
Introducing a New Bird to Your Parrot
Canary escaping cage, flying toward open window
Retrieving Pet Birds That Escape the Home
Portrait of parakeet in hands
What to Do if You Found a Pet Bird
A sad looking Indian Parrot
Stress in Pet Birds
Cheerful woman and pet bird perched on her finger
Clipping a Bird's Wings
Parrots kissing
11 Things Only Bird Owners Understand
The fresh air of your home
Plants That Are Safe for Pet Birds
Lorikeets bathing
How to Give Your Pet Bird a Bath
Birds cage
Dealing With the Loss of a Pet Bird
Low Angle View Of Budgerigar In Cage
How to Care for Pet Birds in Cold Weather
Close-up of the beak of a green parrot
Does Your Bird Need a Beak Trim?
Green domestic budgie sitting with his toy friend.
How to Prevent Boredom in Pet Birds
Cropped Image Of Woman Stroking African Grey Parrot
Easy Ways to Bond With Your Bird
Colorful macaw parrot on neutral background
How to Trim Your Bird's Nails
Green Parrot sits on shoulder
Safety Tips for Handling Parrots
Blue budgie with toy
5 Cheap Bird Toys You Can Make at Home
Veterinarian examining a young Ara parrot
5 Signs Mean Your Bird May Be Sick or in Pain
Pet bird enjoying free time in a room
Why You Should Keep Your Bird Inside
Funny budgerigar. Cute green budgie parrot sits on a finger and looking at the camera.
How to Hold a Bird Safely
Night Frights in Pet Birds
Night Frights in Pet Birds
Parrot staring out the window
Exotic Birds and Humidity

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