Dr. Natasha Diehl, DVM

Natasha Diehl

Natasha Diehl is a veterinarian with more than six years of practicing medicine for exotic animals. After receiving her degree in veterinary medicine from Iowa State University in 2020, she completed a nine-month internship at the Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital in 2020. She now serves as the Specialty Exotic Animal Intern Veterinarian at Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital of Indianapolis.

In 2017, Dr. Diehl took part in the Iowa Veterinary Specialties Emergency and Specialty Clinical Mentorship Program, where she gained first-hand experience in triage, diagnosis, and treatment of emergencies, as well as preparing patients for procedures.

She has particular experience in appropriate husbandry for a variety of exotic species and explaining common disease presentations, diagnoses, and treatments. Natasha developed a love for exotic animals at a young age when she had budgerigars as her first pets.


  • 6+ years in veterinary medicine—with a focus on small and exotic animals
  • Works as a Specialty Exotic Animal Intern Veterinarian, alongside a team of veterinarians with a wide range of knowledge within the field and exotic and small pet ownership.
  • Completed Iowa Veterinary Specialties Emergency and Specialty Clinical Mentorship Program, which focused on emergency medicine, diagnosing and treatment of medical conditions, technician duties, and medical research


Dr. Diehl has over 6 years experience in veterinary medicine and focuses on exotic animals and small pets. She has spent her years as a vet—during clinical rotations, internships, and while earning her degree in veterinary medicine—focused on emergency medicine, surgical procedures, handling, treating, and diagnosing exotic pets.

Dr. Diehl has a particular passion for helping exotic pet owners care for, learn about, and ensure the health of their animals. She specifically advises them in times of new ownership, adoption and pre-purchasing exams, and difficult end-of-life care.


Dr. Diehl graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in veterinary medicine (DVM) in May 2020. She now works as a Specialty Exotic Animal Intern Veterinarian alongside a team of exotic animal experts.

Before graduation, Dr. Diehl gained experience in emergency veterinary care, surgical procedures, and treating and diagnosing health conditions in exotic animals.

Expertise: Husbandry of reptiles, birds, and mammals, Wildlife Injury and Rehabilitation, Research and Case Study Development
Education: Morehead State University, Bachelors, Iowa State University, Doctorate
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Title: Small and Exotic Animal Veterinarian

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