9 Cute Baby Bird Photos That Will Melt Your Heart

baby chick

Justin Gilliland Photography / Getty Images

If you have enough land, and your city allows it, it is possible to keep chickens as pets. You can even take on rescue hens and offer them a much happier future life. 

They are relatively low-maintenance pets, providing they have company, a suitable indoor and outdoor space, and appropriate food. It can also be a nice way to enjoy some eggs if you are not keen on supporting the controversial larger scale egg production operations.

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    Chickens Can Make Good Pets

    baby chick


    There are lots of different breeds of chicken, including the adorably fluffy and unique looking Silkie. As you can see in this photo, even as baby chicks, they are already fuzzy around their feet.

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    The Biggest of All The Cockatiels Looks Adorable as a Chick

    cockatiel smiling


    The Black Palm Cockatoo, also aptly known as the Goliath Cockatoo, is the largest of these types of birds.

    This little punk rocker chick may look adorable, but they don't tend to be the best breed to opt for as a novice bird owner. They are exceptionally intelligent but also very confident and can become unruly if they do not get enough attention and training. This, combined with their size, can make them a challenge.

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    Ducklings Are Adorable, But Keeping Ducks Is a Big Commitment

    duckling outside


    Who can't fail to be drawn in by the truly adorable fluffiness of a little duckling? Keeping pet ducks is a considerable commitment though, and after they turn from a sweet little duckling, you could expect to have your feathered friend around for up to 20 more years!

    They can be very sociable, intelligent and affectionate, but they are not a house pet. They need a big, secure outside space, and access to safe and clean water.

    Don't forget to check your local laws. Some areas will not allow any poultry in city areas, and some areas specifically forbid against chickens.

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    Lovebirds, the Smallest Parrot Species, Are Popular Pets



    Lovebirds have been one of the most popular parrot species to keep as a pet for hundreds of years.  They are small, intelligent and very social birds.  It is not true that they must be kept in pairs as is commonly thought.  They do thrive on attention and being sociable but, providing they get lots of interaction with their human, they can do fine as solo birds.

    They are well-suited to apartment living, but they are an active breed and do need plenty of enrichment and exercise.

    The Peach or Rosy Faced Lovebird (like two of the chicks in the photo) is the most popular of all the nine sub-species of Lovebirds.

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    Baby Birds Need a Special Diet

    baby bird


    Baby birds require special foods to survive in their first stint of life. In order to get proper nutrition for healthy growth, they need to eat insects, meats, fish, or other critters, depending on the species. While some species like flamingos produce crop milk, other species like shorebirds teach their young to forage. 

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    The Affectionate, Loud and Simply Stunning Conure Is a Popular Pet



    Conures, even as youngsters, have some of the most striking color markings of the parrot species.

    This medium-sized bird is a popular pet, and they are known for their intelligent and affectionate personalities. They are not for everyone, though. They do need a lot of space and enrichment, and they are pretty loud!

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    Baby Owls May Look Adorable, But They Are Not Good Pets

    baby owl


    There may have been an upsurge in their popularity after the Harry Potter movies, but, no matter how cute they may look, owls are wild birds. They are not suited to leading a domesticated lifestyle.

    They need a lot of space, have a very specialized diet and require a permit to be kept in captivity. Unless you are expert and looking after a bird that cannot be released back into the wild, then these birds are best admired in their natural habitat.

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    The Cockatiel Rocks Its Mohawk, Even as a Chick

    baby cockatiel


    Cockatiels are not only adorably cute as chicks with their mohawk hairstyle, but they are one of the most popular types of pet birds. They are typically one of the most docile and affectionate of the parrot species, and often form strong bonds with their owners.

    These smart little birds enjoy interaction and training and respond well to positive reinforcement training methods. They are prolific whistlers and come in a wide variety of color combinations.

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    It Can Be Tricky to Identify a Duck's Breed When They Are Ducklings

    young duckling


    Many duck breeds have yellow feathers when they first hatch.  This can make it a challenge to identify their breed until they grow into their adult plumage, which will be an entirely different color. 

    Sometimes the body position can be a giveaway.  Indian Runner Ducks, for example, run almost vertically, whereas most other ducks run at a 45-degree angle.

    Sometimes the color of the beak and feet can also be a clue. The common Pekin Ducks are orange. Whichever breed they are, no one can deny how adorable the yellow feathered babies are.