The 5 Best Chinchilla Cages of 2023

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Person holding a grey chinchilla

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Chinchillas are highly active rodents, so it’s important to provide them with a space where they have room for both acrobatics and playing with their toys. They also love to chew, so the best cage for your chinchilla needs to be made from metal, preferably wire, though chinchillas also prefer a solid floor since they have sensitive feet and can develop conditions like bumblefoot. Chinchillas are also social animals, so having enough space for a partner or mate should also be a priority.

​"Some of the most important considerations when shopping for a chinchilla habitat are size, height, and environmental enrichment," Whimsy of Whimsy's Menagerie, a chinchilla rescue organization based in Virginia, told The Spruce Pets. But she emphasized that one quality is more important than any other. "Basically, the bigger, the better."

After in-depth research into the habitat needs of chinchillas, including insights from a chinchilla rescue organization, we have found the absolute best chinchilla cages. Our favorite is the MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Critter Nation Double Unit. This chinchilla cage provides multiple levels of play with a solid construction, full-width doors, and a storage shelf. But we’ve also found other fantastic cages that may better fit your circumstances.

Here are the best chinchilla cages.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Critter Nation Double Unit

MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Critter Nation Double Unit


What We Like
  • Durable

  • Good looking

  • Multiple levels and platforms

  • Large

What We Don't Like
  • Expensive, but great value for your money

Our favorite chinchilla cage is the MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Critter Nation Double Unit. This is a fantastically constructed unit that is one of the most durable and aesthetically pleasing cages on the market. The key factors for a chinchilla’s happiness are size and multiple areas to explore, and this cage has both. It’s also relatively easy to assemble.

The MidWest Homes double unit critter cage has two different levels, with full-width pans that provide maximum surface area for your chinchilla, in addition to two adjustable shelves that act as extra half-floors for them to explore. The included levels have a lip around them, so they won’t leak if your chinchilla makes a mess. Grippy ramps with “Happy Feet” ramp covers provide pathways between the different levels and won’t be rough on your chinchilla’s feet.

It’s also easy to get your chinchilla in and out of the Deluxe Critter Nation Double Unit since both levels have doors that span the full width of the cage, with latches that are critter-proof but still easy enough to open with one hand. Plus, the habitat has four locking wheel casters, making it easy to move around when necessary. There’s even a wire shelf beneath the enclosure, so you can keep your chinchilla’s bedding, food, and toys handy.

The MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Critter Nation Double Unit also comes in a single-story version, so you can start small and opt for the add-on level if you decide to adopt another chinchilla.

Dimensions: 36 x 63 x 24 inches︱Materials: Metal wire, plastic ramps with cloth covers︱Accessories: 2 adjustable shelves, 3 ramps

Best Splurge

Quality Cage Chinchilla Mansion

Quality Cage Chinchilla Mansion

Quality Cage

What We Like
  • Extremely well built and durable

  • Very customizable

  • Top opens for easy cleaning

  • Large

What We Don't Like
  • Expensive

  • Made to order, so availability can be limited

The made-to-order Chinchilla Mansion from Quality Cage Crafters lives up to its name. Made of a sturdy 1 x 1-inch wire mesh grid, the Chinchilla Mansion includes four movable pine shelves, which are made of solid wood rather than a particle board that your chinchilla will chew to pieces. The Mansion has doors on both levels, with a larger, 12 x 18-inch door on the lower level.

The Mansion also has several features that make it a cinch to clean, including a top that can be fully opened and a slide-out tray on the bottom, which can be easily removed, washed, and replaced.

But one of the main advantages of the Chinchilla Mansion is its customizability. Available in eight colors, the Chinchilla Mansion has several bundle offers, including a deluxe version that comes with hop spots, a water bottle, a hay rack, shelf guards, a 15-inch “Chin Spin” wheel, and more.

Since each Quality Cage is made to order, it can take more than a month to receive your Chinchilla Mansion. Quality Cage Crafters also offers smaller versions in “Townhome” and “Condo” sizes.

Dimensions: 30 x 48 x 24 inches︱Materials: Metal, pine wood︱Colors: Galvanized, silver vein, black, stardust, quality blue, teal, pink, purple︱Sizes: Mansion (48 inches tall), Townhome (36 inches tall), Condo (24 inches tall)︱Accessories: Depends on bundle options

Best Budget

Yaheetech Collapsible 3-Tier Metal Wire Pet Cage

Yaheetech Collapsible 3-Tier Metal Wire Pet Cage


What We Like
  • Affordable

  • Collapsible for easy moves

  • Durable

What We Don't Like
  • Wire ramps must be covered

  • Not as well built as other options

While branded as an enclosure for kittens, the Yaheetech Collapsible Pet Cage is a fantastic option for chinchillas as well, though you’ll need to make some slight adjustments. Offering three tiers stacked above a plastic-tray bottom, the wire design of the Yaheetech cage means you’ll need some additional coverings to protect your chinchilla’s feet. But after offering some bedding and ramp coverings, you’ll be well set.

The Yaheetech enclosure comes with a hammock bed in addition to its three adjustable platforms, giving your chinchilla plenty of space to play and rest. The cage is secure with easy-to-use, critter-proof latches, with large doors on both the bottom and upper levels. Plus, it’s easy to move, with four caster wheels for rolling around and a collapsible design that makes transporting this cage a simple procedure.

Dimensions: 31.5 x 48.4 x 22 inches︱Materials: Iron wire, plastic base︱Accessories: Hammock

Best Tall Cage

Yaheetech 69-Inch 3 Level Animal Cage

Yaheetech 69-Inch Extra Large 3 Level Animal Cage


What We Like
  • Three levels gives plenty of space for your chins

  • Many spots to hang toys from

  • Easy access for cleaning cage

What We Don't Like
  • Slatted ramps will need to be covered

  • Pricey but affordable given the size

This other option from Yaheetech is perfect for anyone who wants to provide as much vertical space for their chins as possible. Like our other picks, it features durable construction that your chins won’t be able to chew their way out of. The multiple doors grant easy access to the cage. There are plenty of options for hanging toys. As with the other option from Yaheetech, the ramps are slatted wire, meaning you’ll need to find a covering to protect your chinchilla’s feet.

Dimensions: 31.9 x 18.3 x 69 inches︱Materials: Metal︱Accessories: Rope bungee, extra storage shelf

Best Small Cage

Prevue Pet Products Rat, Chinchilla, Baby Ferret Cage

Prevue Pet Products Rat, Chinchilla, Baby Ferret Cage


What We Like
  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Durable

  • Ramps and platforms designed for chinchilla feet

What We Don't Like
  • Too small for multiple chins

  • Wheels at base do not lock

The Prevue Pet Products Critter Animal Cage is near the minimum footprint for a cage that could happily accommodate a single chinchilla. While you’ll need bedding or a platform cover for the wire-frame bottom of the cage, the ramps and shelves are solid, making them suitable for chinchilla feet. You can also opt to remove the bottom grille and use the slide-out debris tray as the cage bottom.

Other than the plastic debris tray on the bottom of the habitat, the Critter Animal Cage features a chew-proof, all-metal construction with ¾-inch wire spacing. The cage features a single, large front gate. Plus, just like our Best Overall pick, the Prevue Pet Products cage has a wire shelf beneath the habitat, so you can store food and other chinchilla gear.

Dimensions: 31 x 40 x 20.5 inches︱Materials: Powder-coated steel mesh, plastic debris tray

Final Verdict

The MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Critter Nation Double Unit is our overall favorite, with a thoughtful design and durable materials. If you’re looking for the ultimate all-in-one chinchilla habitat, then check out the Chinchilla Cage Mansion from Quality Cage Crafters.

What to Look for in a Chinchilla Cage


Metal wire is the preferred material for chinchilla cages. Their thick fur makes them susceptible to overheating, so you want to select a habitat that provides them with plenty of airflow. Metal is also preferable because chinchillas chew whatever they can get their jaws around. Providing chew toys and a pumice block can give them the chewing surfaces they need, but you’ll still want to keep a close eye on any plastic or wooden surfaces. For the most part, our recommendations use wire mesh construction, though there are some plastic parts here and there.

It’s also important that your chinchilla cage has solid platforms and ramps. While other small pets may be able to tolerate running and climbing on wire surfaces, chinchillas have sensitive feet that are prone to injury. Make sure that platforms and other spaces are either constructed from solid metal or are covered with cozy cloth or metal trays.


Chinchillas need space to play and especially love multi-level environments. Make sure to select a cage with a width and depth that offers at least 576 square inches of space (24 x 24 inches), but larger is always better.

"Chinchillas like heights and prefer to perch up high to survey their surroundings," Whimsy of Whimsy's Menagerie, a chinchilla rescue organization based in Virginia, told The Spruce Pets. "Ledges and cage accessories arranged as landing points from one to another are ideal."

Whimsy's chinchilla rescue organization offers numerous photos of how chinchilla owners have kitted out their cages to maximize vertical space and provide multiple ledges for its inhabitants.


Chinchillas love toys, so you should select a cage that anticipates their needs. For example, platforms with raised lips will do a better job of holding in the dye-free paper or dried pine bedding chinchillas prefer. You’ll also want to have a place in the cage where you can install a large-diameter running wheel. Just like with other surfaces, chinchilla running wheels are specially designed to have solid, rather than wire, surfaces. You’ll also need space for water and food trays, chew toys, and a “nest” where your chinchilla can cozy up and hide.

  • How big should chinchilla cages be?

    It's simple: "The bigger, the better," Whimsy says.

    The Spruce Pets recommends any chinchilla cage should have a 4 x 4-foot footprint. But even more important than horizontal space is providing as much height as you can accommodate. Chinchillas love high spaces and multiple platforms to jump between.

  • Do chinchilla cages need bedding?

    ​"Yes, chinchillas need bedding," Whimsy says. "Considering their cage should be tall, a thick layer of natural, kiln-dried pine bedding acts as a shock absorber in case of a fall. Plus, pine naturally absorbs urine smells and can be used as compost after cage cleaning. And, pine bedding is safe for chinchillas to chew (unlike recycled 'fluff' beddings)."

  • What type of toys do chinchillas like?

    ​"When shopping for toys and cage accessories, it's imperative that one knows exactly which materials are chinchilla safe," Whimsy told The Spruce Pets. "Kiln-dried pine is excellent for ledges as they are safe for the chinchilla to chew, are relatively inexpensive, and are easy to clean or sand to refresh. When selecting toys, it's ideal to have a wide variety of natural materials. We always recommend having soft (like a loofah, palm, seagrass, vine, wicker, herbal hays), medium (natural, bark-on wood), and hard (pumice) toys available so that your chinchilla can utilize whatever texture they want/need. The toys a chinchilla destroys fastest are the ones they need the most. If a toy is not salient, it will serve no useful purpose. And the purpose of having chew toys is to help keep teeth trim and to provide environmental stimulation."

Why Trust The Spruce Pets

This article was written by Ellie Welles, who has raised dogs, cats, rabbits, and even a green-cheeked conure. She’s passionate about finding the best products for your littlest family members. For this article, she consulted veterinary recommendations, product reviews, and chinchilla owner feedback to find products that are specifically designed for chinchillas rather than other common pet rodents.

Additional expertise was provided by Whimsy of Whimsy's Menagerie Chinchilla Rescue, who has been providing temporary shelter environments for chinchillas since 1998, after learning that most animal control facilities either do not accept or are inadequately equipped to handle exotic pets like chinchillas. Her site has become a repository of useful information for chinchilla owners. She also conducts training in chinchilla care for veterinary clinics and pet stores in the Richmond, Virginia, area.